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side-projects w/


Ship side projects for the world's top creators and win a bounty too!

How it works

Build on ideas from
Top minds

Unlock Opportunities by getting rewarded for shipping the side projects through bounties which range from cash, 1:1 meetings, intro calls, dinners, gadgets & more

Step 1

Browse & Apply

Browse the ideas posted by the top entrepreneurs & creators. Select the one you feel inspired by and confident to build. Apply to be the Builder who gets to take a shot at it.

Step 2

Ship & Get Rewarded

If selected, Build & Ship the side-project in the stipulated time. Get rewarded with the bounty associated with the project. Furthermore, you can get a chance to build on the idea with all the needed support from the ideator.

Ideas to build

Building & Shipping
side-projects was never this exciting

Whether you are looking to launch proven new side-projects, build relationships that will pay 10x dividends, or hopefully see a small exit, Build This makes it all possible

Here’s everything you may be wanting to know more about

You must have a lot of questions. We have taken a dig at it and tried answering everything. If you have more questions, feel free to drop us an email

Who can apply and build these side projects? participate as a Builder?

Any member of the Build community can apply to build & launch any of these side-projects. Build is a 4-week cohort that takes people from ideation to launching side-projects. You can find more details here:

Is there a fee to participate?

It is free for all members of the Build Community

On what criteria is the builder selected?

The builder needs to fill a quick application for the idea he/she is interested in building. Based on the motivation and fit of the builder, we may ask to submit a video in order to get confirmed as the one to be shipping a particular side-project

Can teams apply to build an idea?

Yes, builders in the community can form a team and ship. One of them should apply to get selected and inform the core team of Build This about everyone else on the team shipping this. This needs to be done to ensure we communicate the same with the ideators

How will the Bounty be split if a team builds the project?

We expect the selected team to decide the bounty split specifics among themselves. We let you take the shots

How much time does a Builder need to give?

The builder needs to agree upon the timelines set by the ideator. A normal bounty project could take anywhere between 10-30 days for completion. It could even be built in a day (frankly, it doesn't matter) as long as you are able to achieve the objective

When will the builder get to interact with the ideator?

The builder will get to communicate with the ideator only after the idea is built and ready to be shipped. All the progress updates will be communicated by Build. If there are questions/concerns that need to be clarified, we will be able to felicitate that every now & then. The expectation is that once a builder is selected they should be able to ship because we have built-in all the clarity needed

When does the Builder get the bounty?

Build acts as an intermediate layer between the ideator and the builder ensuring reliable and transparent communications. When the builder finally ships the product, we facilitate the bounty transaction based on the agreed-upon conditions

What happens when the Builder builds the side-project but does not match the expectations of the ideator?

If the expectations are not met, the ideator could choose to reward the builder with the bounty partially or not at all. It is entirely up to the ideator to decide if they are satisfied with the outcomes and reward the builder proportionately

What happens after the product is built?

The ideator and builder can decide the future of the product together.- Ideators can keep it solely for internal uses- The product can be launched in public (after the ownership T&C discussions)

How does the Ownership of the product work?

It is up to the ideator to decide the terms and conditions for the bounty (in terms of partial/complete ownership). The ideator could even decide to opt out of the ownership model and reward the builder with the bounty only. If the ideator opts out, the builder can continue retaining the ownership of the product and can take it forward if they wish.

Will the builder get any support from Build This team?

We provide round-the-clock guidance, feedback, and support to help Builders from the community to ship other side-projects. This would be available for shipping bounty-based side-projects too

Can the builder share the idea on social channels and build it in public?

While we encourage building in public, some of the ideas from the ideators cannot be shared owing to being built for internal use. We will communicate the nature of each idea with the builders before the project is kickstarted

Is this similar to Fiverr or Upwork?

Absolutely not. You are not a freelancer and the project is not served for a client. The focus is entirely on building and shipping tech products as you also get a chance to own the products based on the agreed-upon conditions. It is the most no non-sense way to build & ship side-projects

I have more questions, how should I reach out?

Please drop an email to or the fastest is to DM on slack

Build is powering & enabling a new kind of revolution

Build is loved immensely by the cohort members, and Build This is an initiative to take it a notch higher